Channel Iridium
Description: Includes mixes of DJ Iridium, one of the most talented Russian DJ's.
Genres and styles: a lot of chillout styles, just listen.
Now playing: DJ Iridium - Snowy (Mix)
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"approved by DJ Iridium"

Channel delicacy
Description: the Max's channel :) one year online...
Genres and styles: something nice...
Now playing: Cafe del Mar (CD Series) - Alessandro Boschi - Sentosa
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Channel ambient
Description: peace, love, unity, respect & happiness.
Genres and styles: ambient, chillout, downtempo, acid jazz, lounge.
Now playing: Solar Fields - Respiratory Rate
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Channel psyprog
Description: i like this muzz.. pls try it
Genres and styles: psychedelic progressive, psychedelic trance, full on.
Now playing: SynSUN - Winter Mix 2013
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Channel romario
Description: the dj's Romario promo channel
Genres and styles: progessive & tech tribal, funky house, techno, tech house.
Now playing: DJ Romario - Technological Progress Vol.1
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